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Special Tours & Services

Special Tours

We also arrange special tours for those not available with our diving schedule or if you want privacy and just want to go together your family and friends.  We can arrange a private coach including pick-up and drop-off (one destination only).  Our tour guides are also available on a weekday.  Please send us a note for our special tour package.

Underwater and Video Documentation

We also accept underwater photography and video documentation freelance work.  This is perfect for pre-nups and for those wanting to have complete documentation of your diving experience without the hassle of bringing underwater photo/video equipment.

Please contact us for special pricing and minimum requirements here.

Exploratory Dives

We also provide special exploratory service on unexplored dive sites.  Do you have a beach or shoreline property that you want us to explore the undersea composition?  We can help you do the photo and video documentation and if possible create an underwater topography.  Find out about more of this service by contacting us here.