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Why do we do what we do

We love the Sea and everything in it! That’s why we at Pink Turtle Fun Dive Tours want to share this passion and love for the oceans to you! We are a group of young, fun loving, adventure seeking, underwater exploring, budget conscious individuals that understands your thirst for a different thrill and natural high. Our passion for the ocean compelled us to start fun dive tours for first time divers and to let them discover the many  wonders of marine life. To help save our seas and make them aware that the biodiversity of our reefs are un-equalled elsewhere. We do this for the fun of diving and we also want you to have the same fun and appreciation.

Our Goal

We have a special advocacy, and this is to make known to many people that Scuba diving, contrary to what manny people think, is really affordable. we kid you not! the philippines rest on the center of the Coral triangle of south east asia and we have the most number of dive sites than any other countries that have the same area. Thankfully because of our arhepelagic configuration we can be proud of this gift. The abundance of dive sites means the accessibility and abundance of resorts offering scubadiving is very immense and even budget friendly!. There is no reason why anybody shouldn’t dive! We also want to let many people know that our seas is vital to us since it is also one of our sources of food and many other needs. the health of the sea can have tremendous effect to our lives. We would like you to help us achieve in this endevour. Lastly we would like you to have Fun and have the best experience in your first scuba diving adventure!

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