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Tour Guides

Luigi a.k.a. “Adobo Islander”

This hunk of a guy is our resident gigolo.  A gym warrior on weekdays and an islander on weekends.  Has a passion for cookin and has a collection of tattoos.  Practices aikido and lapunti (filipino martial arts that deals with knives and arnis).  He loves to crack up a crowd with his corny pick up lines and jokes the will make you laugh because of it’s corny-Ness. Definitely a fun tour guide to dive with.

Nelson a.k.a. “Chef Jacob”

The World’s most eligible bachelor 2015 (Baranggay Socorro Cubao) winner.  Smart, focused, passionate and driven, always busy, somewhat financially independent, 70% hopeless romantic and very business minded.  A computer programmer by profession but jack of all trades after office hours.  An elite martial artist, long distance runner, defensive racket & feather player and underwater photography extraordinaire.

Kris a.k.a. “The Senator”

The most “corporate” and formal among the tour guides, Kris heads the Marketing Department of a listed telecom company.  He loves to cook and to travel.  He also loves to eat different types of cuisine including Indian and Singaporean food.  He is a tennis player and a video editor wannabe.  If he is not seen underwater, you’ll catch him speaking in front of audiences as he is a public speaker.

Mike a.k.a. “Booger”